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Three Floyds or BUST!
So yesterday some friends and I made a trek to the Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana! I've been a Floyds fan since my first Alpha King, their signature American Pale Ale, loaded down with green hoppiness and flavor that puts Sierra Nevada to absolute shame. Three Floyds will open your eyes to a new world of what beer can be. I'm not exaggerating; These guys create very unique beer with remarkable quality. Look at the names of these brews: Robert the Bruce, Gumballhead, Dreadnaught, *Dark Lord, Black Sun Stout, Behemoth, Rabid Rabbit. I recommend them all. Their bottle art is also great.
* Dark Lord is a "Gargantuan Russian Stout brewed with coffee, molasses, and honey." It's brewed only once a year and prides itself on having the consistency of motor oil.
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