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Circle Versus Square, Read On

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The Goings-On
Based On a True Story
What if I told you this comic was based on a true story? Well, I would only be HALF-lying. I wasn't standing on my head or hallucinating at the time, but I was witness to an inordinate amount of air conditioners and rice in one place.
The details shall remain undisclosed for the time being, but there were about 7 or 8 hang-out-the-window-style air conditioners in this tiny 2 person apartment. But most were unplugged and strewn on the floor along with POUNDS AND POUNDS OF BASMATI RICE, not to mention the thousands of dollars of designer clothing, beer bottles, Warhammer 40k action figures, and horrible poetry that littered the entire apartment. Oh yea, and there was a wrench in the freezer.
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