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Clarke and Dawe
John Clarke, satirist from New Zealand, is now officially on my list of comedic influences. You may know him from the popular video The Front Fell Off, which I highly recommended. Some folks ( and I was among them) don't realize it's satire because it's so spot on, but admittedly, the video cuts out the last few lines of the sketch which are a dead giveaway. Clarke and Dawe is a weekly satire program and you can check out the most recent stuff here. Each sketch features a mock interview with some prominent figure played by Clarke. Unconventional, he does not mimic the voice of the person, so what you get is pure satirical content, no cheap laughs. One of my favorites is THIS ONE, in which they sell a major company on Ebay. In fact, I have so much good stuff to say about this guy that I'll continue in Friday's comic.
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