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CIRCLE VERSUS SQUARE. WOW. It had a good run there. I'm proud of this work. I realized a few weeks ago that it even informs my latest project "GoatVsFish." It's a live performance. I'M A COMEDIAN NOW! I like to say "comedic performance artist." Anyway, how I didn't see the connection with "VS" is pretty obvious in hindsight. Anyway, I've got plans for Circle Versus Square, but it'll take a while. No holding your breath. In the meantime, see my shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter and even on Facebook. Also, there's "The Joy of Drinking" on YouTube where I drink alcohol and do oil paintings with Bob Ross!

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The Goings-On
Cake or Death
Some of you anglophile transvestites may have caught my reference to Eddie Izzard here in this comic. It's more of an incidental reference, but a reference nonetheless.
Now you have already seen his "flag" monolouge if you read the Goings-On of comic #77, but now you should look at the just as hilarious "Cake or Death" monologue. But even the mighty Izzard did not answer the question.. Cake AND death?
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