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CIRCLE VERSUS SQUARE. WOW. It had a good run there. I'm proud of this work. I realized a few weeks ago that it even informs my latest project "GoatVsFish." It's a live performance. I'M A COMEDIAN NOW! I like to say "comedic performance artist." Anyway, how I didn't see the connection with "VS" is pretty obvious in hindsight. Anyway, I've got plans for Circle Versus Square, but it'll take a while. No holding your breath. In the meantime, see my shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter and even on Facebook. Also, there's "The Joy of Drinking" on YouTube where I drink alcohol and do oil paintings with Bob Ross!

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The Goings-On
Attack Of The Pun
It was bound to happen sooner or later. Write for long enough and eventualy you will unleash a pun onto the world without even knowing it. As you know, Pentagon has a penchant for describing anything he does as "Royal," so if he's drinking tea, it stands to reason that he would call it Royal Tea! But then, when it came time to name the comic and I figured why not "Royal Tea."
Because "Royal Tea" sounds like "ROYALTY" that's why! But hey, it was an incidental pun and one I can live with. Besides, it's not a shape-based pun, so hey, no worries.
And for those wondering, the WRCAs are coming along... we'll see how I fare come the final rounds. :)
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