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Circle Versus Square, Read On

- 136 -
The Goings-On
Not only have Circle and Pentagon split the only two votes that were for actual shapes, but this comic was split too! That's right,it was TOO LONG! This is ME telling you it was too long. Just read the last few comics, or comic 124 and then you will understand what it means when I say something is too long. So what did I do? I split it at the most cliffhanging-est part that I could!
And as I have now produced comics for 12 days in a row, I am both happy and sad to report that I we will be going back to our normal schedule of 3 comics a week! Cliffhanger (or jumper I should say) to resolve MONDAY!
And remember, the people of Shapeland took umbrage and YOU CAN TOO! Also, don't forget to friend me on MYSPACE.
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