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The Goings-On
Sumo In The Flesh!
So I went back to Osaka, and there, live and in the flesh, I saw day 9 of the current Sumo Tournament! It was awesome as pie, the seats were phenomenal, and for a low price at that! I think I can dig Sumo. Sure it has a rep in the US (I can't speak for other countries) for being a bit silly, but once you get the hang of what's going on the bouts are quite awesomely enjoyable. Here's a good match from a few years ago featuring the two current Yokozuna: Hakuho VS. Asahoryu.
Everything from the ceremony to how these guys are paid I find distinctly fascinating. So it's still up the air, but we will most likely go again to see day 11 of the tournament! Heck, It's a rare opportunity, so why not take it!
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