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Vaudeville Cane?
What's the deal? I tired to find an old video of a vaudeville act where a guy gets pulled off the stage with a cane but I couldn't find one. I thought they would be like, all over the place.
But upon doing some research I found out that the cane gag was something they frequently used in The Muppet Show (1967–1981), which I remember watching reruns of as a wee lad. So I found a clip of that, and that's the best I got for now. If someone has a link to a video of a sane pulling someone off stage in a vaudeville act then let me know, but I'm starting to wonder if the cane gag was simply popularized by The Muppet Show, which was in itself a send up of vaudeville in many ways. Who can say? SOMEONE can!
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