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Nobody Touches Sockbaby!
What's up Davis? Tired of pickin' on adults?
If you haven't heard of Doug TenNapel's (creator of Earthworm Jim) epic Kung-Fu masterpiece Sockbaby then you're missing out. Some of the best fight scenes you will ever see, better than %90 of Hollywood that's for sure. While you're watching the episodes consider the following. Sockbaby 1 and 2 came out within a month of each other, ending with a huge cliffhanger. Then it was YEARS before the third Sockbaby came out when nobody expected it. Now, 4 years later, SB4 has been announced and will premier at the San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday the 27th. I WON'T BE THERE TO SEE IT! I'll be there Thursday and Friday, but not after.
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