Meet The Characters!

Square is a square. Above all, he totally hates Circle and everything Circle stands for. He's arrogant, sure, but it's totally justified because he's awesome, right? Square is a hit with the ladies, and is very proud of that fact, though he still can't win the affections of Heart (or can he?). Square will take up any position as long as it serves him, and rarely puts a cause above his own interests. Square hails from the mountainous lands of Squarelandia.

Circle, as you might imagine, is a circle. He totally hates Square and everything Square stands for. Unlike Square, however, he will sometimes prioritize what he considers to be larger issues over their endless feud. Still, this very fact annoys Square, so the line is sometimes unclear. Circle is fond of taking a step back and looking at the big picture, and though he is willing to admit weakness and fault, he nonetheless feels he's far superior to his four-sided adversary. He hails from the hilly lands of Circleshire.

Triangle, believe it or not, is a triangle. He is an aristocratic fop, who speaks using grandiloquent verbiage that is often misused, or simply made up. As a Viscount he lives in the opulent Triangle manor, where he employs Parallelogram as his butler. His station is acknowledged by King Pentagon, and though they feud, share a respect for one another as members of the aristocracy. Triangle's pocket watch remains displaced, and oh yes, HE TAKES UMBRAGE!

Pentagon, by all counts, is a pentagon. He is King of all Shapeland, and commands an army of tiny pentagons, known as pentagonites, to assert his hegemony. Pentagon always declares his word to be law, and enforces it as such. He seeks power for power's sake, making his rule as arbitrary as it is ruthless. He will not stand for anyone undermining his authority, which leads to his opponents being thrown in his pentagonal prison. He lives in Castle Pentagon and is served by a Herald. When outside the castle he is usually accompanied by a small force, or carried on the Royal Platform. He also has a GIANT CHAIR.

Heart, one could say, is a heart. She's a skilled warrior, trained in the ways of the Samurai. Her katana is almost always by her side, and she's not afraid to use it! She is often romantically pursued by other shapes, and though she is fond of sex, the men of Shapeland are yet to woo her (with one peculiar exception). Her father was murdered under mysterious circumstances, possibly related to King Pentagon. On the day of her father's murder, she vowed to learn the ways of the Samurai, and will not retire until he is avenged. She is generally a "no nonsense" character.

Rectangle, despite all appearances, is a rectangle. He is depressed, pathetic, and generally inept, though hopeful, and easily excited. He desperately wants to be liked, which combined with his gullibility, makes him extremely easy to manipulate. He is conventionally viewed as Square's lackey, though he has also worked for Circle, Triangle, and even felt allegiance for Pentagon. Rectangle lacks the ruthlessness and self-confidence required to be successful in the game of one-upsmanship and is instead used as a pawn by the other players. In spite of his bumbling, he is honest and kind-hearted.

Parallelogram, contrary to popular belief, is a parallelogram. He is Triangle's butler, a job he takes pride in, though refuses to be defined by. Unlike the other shapes, he has thus far displayed level-headedness and competence at every turn.

Diamond, in all seriousness, might NOT be a diamond! He may be his own man, or he may simply be Square turned on one of his corners (which was proven to be the case in one instance). That aside, Diamond is very friendly with Circle, in spite of continuous accusations that he is in fact Square. While generally polite, there comes a point where enough is enough and he'll tell you how it is. He and Heart have slept together, making the question of whether or not he is Square all the more frustrating to other characters. Diamond's story is further complicated by the fact that some feel he has divine powers, which are in fact attributed to the ancient Diamond of an era long past. In general, his true nature is shrouded in mystery.