Mr. Z Takes Umbrage
(Run Back Home)
Loyal readers,

When I started Circle Versus Square I knew there would be people who wouldn't like it. One of those people has become very vocal.

Mr. Z has taken offense to my webcomic and has threatened me with legal action for various reasons. I do not intend to respond to his threats directly, but I am nonetheless under the impression that he will keep sending them anyways.

In order to reveal him for the fool he is I have decided to publish his emails (without permission) for your consumption. They are archived below for your convenience.


- Wakcher

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Causes of Action
  - In which Mr. Z takes umbrage, threatens legal action, and insists I have made a mockery of the
    mathematics community.
Infringement of my Intellectual Property Rights - In which Mr. Z declares the word "umbrage" to be his intellectual property and discuses the relevant etymology.
Continued Misuse of English - In which Mr. Z disregards his typical non-observance of trivial points and reflects on my "most egregiously offensive comic to date."
Improper and Illegal Publishing of my Letters - In which Mr. Z expresses his discontent and declares himself to be a man of "some means."
Offensive Valentine's Comics - In which Mr. Z takes umbrage on behalf of all women and describes the finer qualities of his wife, Mrs. Z.
Points of Authority - In which Mr. Z discusses his views on satire and free speech with respect to my portrayal of Pentagon as a figure of misguided authority.
Affronts to the Lord - In which Mr. Z pontificates with righteous indignation on behalf of the Lord Almighty.
Umbrage at Comic-Con - In which Mr. Z is denied Summary Judgement, visits the San Diego Comic-Con, and finds kinship in a "mass of tortured antisocialites."
Marginal Notice of an Unfortunate Occasion - In which Mr. Z takes note of my 100th comic, and makes bold allusions to the Oxfordian theory of Shakespearean authorship.
Geometric Shapes Masquerade as Comic in Supposed Contest - In which Mr. Z attacks the legitimacy of awards I have won, and implores my competition that they reject theirs in protest.
Settlement Agreement - In which Mr. Z gives me a way out... should I choose to accept it.
Notification of Breach - In which Mr. Z notifies me of his intent to resume legal action, takes credit for marginally improving my comic, and compares himself to a mythical bird.