Mr. Z Takes Umbrage

January 29th, 2008
Subject: Continued Misuse of English

Mr. Wakcher:

With each passing comic you do yourself even a greater disservice and put yourself in even greater legal jeopardy. You cannot claim a single person alive with the exception of myself, to be as etymologically well versed enough to make sense of your 9th and most egregiously offensive comic to date.

You have been warned about using the word "umbrage." I have implored you to cease and desist with your careless and unfettered use of said word and yet I count no less than 9 usages in your most recent strip. I am not generally punctilious with respect to forms and ceremony nor umbrageous with regard to the non-observance of trivial points, but sir on 1/28/2008 you went too far.

You have been warned and any further slight will be met with the swift hand of justice. As always, I reserve my entire legal rights and the above should not be construed as complete recital of all of those legal rights or potential causes of action.


Mr. Z