Mr. Z Takes Umbrage

February 4th, 2008
Subject: Improper and Illegal Publishing of my Letters

Mr. Wakcher:

I have noted that you have begun publishing my letters to you as some sort of ostensibly humorous feature for your website. Beware that this reckless behavior is improper, illegal, and hereby conducted without my consent. While I am hopping mad, my legal counselors jump with glee as they imagine further motions that will bring your precious web comic to a cataclysmic end and with it, a windfall of damages for me. With each iota of your measly success, my sharks' honed senses smell green.

I am already a man of some means and I am at best indifferent to any petty cash I could obtain at your expense. Still, my counsel must be fed and I am not unmoved by their enthusiasms. You have put me in a tricky position indeed. To borrow, nay, to steal a word from you, this geometric "tomfoolery" must end immediately.

Should you comply and cease the publication of your comic by 2/6/2008, I may be inclined to prevent your legal and financial demise to my lawyers' great dismay. I expect a prompt response while reserving all my rights under the law.


Mr. Z