Mr. Z Takes Umbrage

April 8th, 2008
Subject: Points of Authority

Mr. Wakcher:

It should come as no surprise that I am again astonished by both your hubris and folly. I am nothing short of outraged that you have willfully and unabashedly denigrated the pentagon, a shape charged with far more symbological significance than all of your other characters combined. What's worse is that you are guilty of this charge on no less than two occasions, the first on 2/27/08, and the second on 3/31/2008. I can ascribe to you nothing but sinister motivations in your effort to undermine the unquestionable authority that this powerful shape conveys

Being a distinguished researcher in the field of sociology and a senior member of the International Sociological Congress, I assert with due authority that your comic can only be defined as an attempt at satire. It is abundantly evident that your intention is to cast aspersions on qualified and respected authority figures such as myself by portraying an unjustifiable and arbitrary imprisonment of Circle and Triangle in the last frame of comic number 22.

Furthermore, I take rabid exception to your implied judgment of honest and law-abiding citizens in your portrayal of Pentagon's diminutive followers as mindless parrots, when in fact they are respectful members of the social order from which Pentagon's justifiable supremacy derives.

Like so many misguided artist of our day, you have abused the power of free speech in a shallow attempt to make a laughingstock of the very establishment that grants you that right. The irony here is anything but humorous. At best, you follow in the futile tradition of the satirical Berlin cabarets of the 1930s, which did little, if anything, to stop the rise of Hitler, and effected no material opposition to his guns and tanks.

By now it should be clear that I am to be regarded as the presupposed authority on nearly every subject. My erudition, vast multifarious accomplishments, and lofty position in society has made me so. As such, I do not take the subversion of any figure or symbol of authority lightly. It must be understood that when my voice rings from on high, it carries unimpeachable esteem. With the respectful inclusion of a select group of contemporaries, I am indeed among the a few who has the appropriate knowledge and authority to make a salient or meaningful point on anything.

I am a man of the law, and you may have noticed that I have not yet made a strictly legal argument. That is not to say that a legal argument does not exist, only that a pretense rooted firmly in the law is not apparent to me at this time. Still, I make no representations as to my actual state of mind or any informed and final legal judgment or opinion. Anything I may or may not have said is entirely non-binding on future conduct. I reserve all my legal rights and any statements should not be construed as a waiver of any of those rights or even as an accurate representation of my true and sober mind. Surely, if my state of mind was such (and I am not making any representation that it is), I would further inform you of the legal penalties that your innumerable injustices will inevitably incur. I assure you that one way or another, your ruin is close at hand.


Mr. Z